Long Healthy Nails


Long Healthy Nails

healthy nails


Let's be honest, exquisite range of natural, long nails, elegant appearance and horny. Long nails trimmed with the smallest behaved properly say loads related to your personal viability and confidence. We all know that long nail cultivation is a challenge. Our clear advice shows you that you can also get a fantastic array of long natural nails.

First Biology Quick Course:

Grow your nails from the world under your skin referred to as the matrix. The matrix is ​​to live part of the nail. Your skin is a skin layer that protects the matrix that is extremely vital for nail health and growth. As the new nail cells grow inside the matrix, the square measure of the old nail cells is pushed towards your fingertips and becomes cumbersome and compressed. Genetics and health are achieved by the speed of nail growth. However, nails usually grow with zero mm on a daily basis, indicating that it takes a period of four to six months to be fully renewed. Healthy screws measure a neat box, while no edges or grooves. They are uniform in color and consistency and are free from stains or discoloration.

Did you know: nails grow quickly during the summer more than winter, nails on your dominant hand grow faster, and grow public nails faster than women, only when the girl pregnant as soon as the growth of nails.

How long should my nails be?

This is clearly an alternative issue in particular, but a few things have been taken into account:

The optimum length of your nails depends on your activities and style. Generally, the tip of the nail should extend no more than a third of the body of the nail.

Fails are usually broken once when measuring each equal length and equal length, elliptical or round.

Tips on natural and long natural nails:

Long nails Tip 1: Do not use your nails as tools.

Instead of hurting, your nails use alternative items from your hand, or pen, to perform tasks such as calling the phone. Do not select, abrasion or abrasion with "| your" along with your nails, especially avoid cans with gap with your nails.

Long Nail Tip 2: Wear the gloves.

Detergent measuring box is very harsh on your nails and can cause ripping and peeling. Wear gloves once wash dishes or cleaning. You should also wear gloves once to raise your nails from infection and stop cracking, damage and loss of natural oils.

Long nails Tip 3: Do not flap your nails or make a decision on the skin.

Regardless of the obvious cause of bitten shortening of your nails, these habits will result in nail nail injury. Even a slight cut on your nail will enable microorganisms or fungus from entering the nail bed. Keep in mind that your nails grow slowly, so the balanced nail keeps the signs of damage for months.

Long Nail Tip 4: Take care of your skin.

A protective material can be a barrier that preserves the delicate object from the nail matrix, wherever the new cell square measurement is created, so it should not be cut or cut. On the opposite side, you need to keep the skin from changing to oversized growth, leading to nail growth choking. If you have an adult skin on the nail plate, when you soften the skin sufficiently in warm water, gently use a slender skin to push your skin back. Similarly, pushing the skin back may help get rid of the dead skin and the accumulated garbage. Hold a nail pusher in the AN angle, and use small circular motions, to be as light and careful as achievable and non-cuticle. After you finish, do not forget to hold your hands down.

Long Nails Tip 5: Take care of your nails.

Trim the nails and clean under the nails frequently. Use nail scissors or clippers and nail file to the elegant nail edges. People often triumph in torn living tissue. hangnails clip, exploit a small angle to the outside.

Long Nail Tip 6: Care for fragile nails.

Trim the nails fragile when bathing, or soak fifteen large in the bath, until moisturizing application. Do not use the nail polish remover twice a month. Instead, flatten the nail polish. After you must use the nail polish remover avoid people using the dissolving agent, which dries the nails. In addition to thinking about using a nail machine and growth formula.

Long nails Tip 7: The role of diet.

Unless your diet is deficient in molecular changes and dietary vitamins that purportedly promote the nails will not work. Your nails will appear but provide signs of food problems such as:
Lack of axerophthol and metal afflicts xerotes and brittleness.
The lack of large molecules, vitamin B and vitamin C cause the nails to droop
White bands across the nails caused by the lack of a huge molecule.
Lack of enough acid tearing the nails.
An insufficient amount of vitamin B12 leads to excessive over-lubrication, terribly manageable and falciform
ends and darkening of nails.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/187592
ends and darkening of nails.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/187592