Makeup for Hooded Eyes


Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Beautiful hooded eyes, characterized by extra skin falling from the bone of the eyebrow towards the eyelids and covered. This feature gives the face an attractive and exciting look, which is enjoyed by many beautiful stars, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lefley and Taylor Swift. If you have, you know very well how difficult it is to apply make-up to your eyes, because the cloth is partially hidden. There is no good space to paint eye shadows or draw lines, or even powder. However, with the right tools and good advice, you'll learn how to lighten those compelling eyes and draw them in the colors you want.

Before you jump to learn how to apply makeup to your covered eyes, make sure you get that quality. Look into the mirror and look for the top crease of the eye. If there is a wrinkle, look for it if it is hidden when you have wide open eyes. If yes, you have hooded eyes. Here's all you need to know about makeup ..

Larger eyelids

With eyes covered, the larger eyelid is what you need to get the best makeup. You need to create fake eyelids, that's for sure, so the eyelid looks much larger than it already is. how do you do that? You need to draw a line above your natural eyelid with a dark pencil and then stain it well. Then add the dark eye shadow over the line and blend it out. Your eyes will look bigger with the above replicas.

Smokey eye

The smoke makeup works well with your eyes covered, helping to open the eyes. With eyes covered, you need to apply smoky metallic makeup in the normal way, the tricks here is to add a lot of sparkle. Use the sparkling eye shadow and plenty of them on your entire lid.

Smoky eye upside down

If you find it difficult to put a smoky makeup on your covered eyes, rely on the inverted trick. Focus on the lower eyelashes line and apply dark eye shadow to it. Use a light champagne shade on the lid and flap out to make your eyes look bigger.

Simple and simple makeup tips and ideas for your hooded eyes:

- Make your best friend's distinction. Use it for brighter and larger eyes.

- Based on vibrant vibrant colors that extend to the eyelids.

- Focus on other features of your face. Put makeup on your lips when you feel it is hard for you to draw a cat's eye.

- Make sure you have finished your makeup the right way, use your makeup dramatically. Create a large cat eye suite that brings a lot of drama.

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