How to Cut Your Hair at Home


How to cut your hair at home

Cut hair

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Your hair is growing long, and all salons are closed due to the pandemic of my world. It may be time to cut your hair at home. Designers are advised to avoid over-enthusiasm with scissors, but sometimes you have no choice. Cutting your hair is more complicated than it sounds, and this guide is not the same size for everyone, but it should at least help you know the basics of getting started.

Do you really need a cut?
There are many ways to change your appearance without being extreme or doing something you might regret. As we say hairdresser Angela Ling, "We don't make our best hair decisions when we are tired." In addition, the stylists I interviewed emphasized the fact that shaving hair at home could go quickly. Just look at the videos of people trying to give themselves a bang

cut hair

Before making any permanent changes to your hair, think about some temporary changes. Now is a wonderful time to grow your hair. Is your hair fried from the damages of repeated heat? Break the styling course with heat, and your simplicity will look its best at a glance. If you have played the idea of ​​changing your part, go during the transition while you are at home.

You can also transform hair. Create a pop fu with the help of some bobby pins. If your hair is long enough to put it in a ponytail, you can use the creative design to create fake bangs without the need for scissors. Try covering your head in clamps or learning a
fishtail braid. try!

Hair cut for men

Combing your hair is also a simplified way to give your privacy some TLC, according to the hairdresser and salon owner Kenzie Veurink. For people with curly hair, you can achieve a similar treatment with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. The goal is to stimulate your scalp and its natural oils along your hair. Your strands will help you stay shiny and strong, and there is some evidence that stimulating the scalp encourages faster hair growth.

Now that you may have more free time, you can cover up the hair treatment mask first thing in the morning and wash it off before going to bed. You may already have DIY hair mask components in your kitchen. Ingredients like mayonnaise, eggs, honey and apple cider vinegar are great for your hair. Mix it in a bowl and cover your hair, then let the mask sit as long as you want before rinsing.

Equipment you may need
High-quality scissors: the sharp edge helps prevent your hair from plumping at the ends or moving a lot while trimming. Consider using precision scissors or placing an order for hair clippers, which are sharp shaving and must be handled with care.

Hair clipper for short hair: Clipping hair is little right now, but this is a good haircut set if you can handle it - and that's a good alternative. This self-cutting trimmer may help you if you plan to cut your hair without any help.

In this video we gonna show you how to cut your hair by yourself:

cut hair men

How to trim your hair

Be conservative. This is probably the first time, so cut your hair - don't try to style it completely. If in doubt, you can always wait and book an appointment with your favorite stylist as soon as accommodation orders are raised in place. Here are our top trimming tips, along with some links to tutorials that will help you, depending on the length and texture of your hair.

Wash and moisturize your hair, then let it dry completely, as the hair shrinks when it dries. This will help you avoid taking off too much. Practice tangling with a brush before starting. If your hair is rigid, you can spray it with water, but try to avoid moisturizing it. Cut the ends of the cut ends instead of the entire length of the blade.

Make sure you have shears or shears and comb in hand. Use clips to help split your hair into manageable parts.

Drape the head (or an old towel) over your shoulders.

Follow the tips below that best apply to your hair.

cut hair men

For long hair

Divide your hair and cut it into sections. Bring one section forward at a time, and select the amount you want to take off - we suggest a quarter of an inch to a half of an inch. (Cut a little less than you think you should.) Cut the length, then cut the edges to add texture and blend everything. Watch this video for more in-depth instructions.

For short hair

Short hair is one of the situations in which wet locks may help you. We suggest that someone else do the job for you. Just remember that the least is more. If you use scissors, have them start from the sides and work around your head. They can use the comb to help guide scissors and locate the cut. Be extra careful when trimming around the ears. This video is a good tutorial for a classic short cut with scissors.

For curly hair

The type of cut you want depends on the type of creasing (check the creasing type here). For 2A to 3B curls, you can probably follow this tutorial, as you work with dry hair and trim curls by curling at an angle to ensure you get tremendous results.

cut hair men

For the stricter types of frizz that ranges from 3C to 4C, your approach may be different; try defragmenting your hair and loosening it gently and using strong pressure to prevent your hair from moving too much while cutting it. This tutorial and tutorial are two great options for high-density hair.

Depending on the style of curl and the shape of your hair, you may want to find a video that is more suitable for the end result you want. Remember that curly hair has its own mind, so be patient and work in small sections.

For children's hair

If you can make children stay still, the haircut is not so difficult. This is a good guide for mixing short haircuts and cowboy handling, and here is a tutorial for classic shaggy haircuts. When in doubt, you can always use a mixing bowl (or headband). Just don't do that when they get older. In high school, cutting the bowl will not help boost their social position.